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Two master cooks, Darina Allen (who has been called the Julia Child of Ireland) and American chef Alice Waters, had an idea: grandmothers could help end child obesity by teaching their grandchildren to plant and cook dishes made with fresh local ingredients.

Their idea was the start of the Slow Food Movementís International Grandmothers Day, which takes place in April.

In GRANDMOTHER POWER, grandmothers in Dublin, Shanagarry and Waterford Ireland celebrate the day with their grandchildren and, as they teach planting and cooking, share stories about their lives.

News About Grandmothers in Ireland

Updates about the grandmother groups in Grandmother Power

Behind the Scenes:

These images, which are not in the book, give you a peek behind the scenes on International Grandmothers Day 2010óand reveal the beauty of springtime in Ireland.

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In the News:

Website: If youíd like to take a cooking class with Darina Allen, you can chose from a list of courses that is, quite literally, mouthwatering. The Ballymaloe Cookery School website gives details.

Cookbook: Darina Allen has written many cookbooks, but the one that best represents the spirit of the Slow Food International Grandmotherís Day, is titled Forgotten Skills of Cooking: The Time Honored Ways Are Best; Over 700 Recipes Tell You Why (Kyle Books, 2010).

Article: The New York Timesí feature article on Darina Allen describes how she and the Ballymaloe Cookery School redefined Irish cooking. 

Article: Maira Kalman created a Thanksgiving 2009 commentary for The New York Times about Darina Allenís friend and colleague Alice Waters, about child obesity, and about the wisdom of the Slow Food Movementís philosophy.