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During World War II, the Japanese military maintained “Comfort Stations” and abducted teen-aged girls as a “Comfort Women” to provide sexual services to combatants. After the War, the women who survived sexual slavery were too ashamed to speak of their experiences. They married, raised families and tried to forget.

In the 1990’s, one brave woman told her story. Others followed her lead, then collaborated locally, nationally and internationally to seek justice.

The Comfort Women sued the Japanese government for an official apology, reparations and a place in the history books so sex slavery will never reoccur.

Members of Lila Pilipina, all now Lolas (Grandmothers) in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, tell how they decided to make their stories public, become activists, and collaborate strategically with Comfort Women in Korea, China and Japan.

They describe their war experiences and their passionate activism in Grandmother Power.

News About Grandmothers in the Philippines

Updates about the grandmother groups in Grandmother Power

Multi Media:

Digital Museum: The Asian Women’s Fund was established by the Japanese to deal with Comfort Women’s concerns. Although the Fund offered atonement payments to survivors, not all Comfort Women accepted because the money was mostly from private donors and was not government reparations.

Video: April 11, 2012, on the 63rd anniversary of Japan’s surrender of World War II, the Lolas protested in front of the Japanese Embassy in Manila.

Behind the Scenes: Go behind the scenes and see pictures of Paola dancing with the Lolas (taken by her friend, interpreter and photographer Kat Palasi), plus people and scenery in Manila that captured Paola attention while she was there interviewing and photographing the women at Lila Pilipina for Grandmother Power.

Behind the Scenes Philippines

In The News:

Christmas in Manila: Paola’s interpreter, photographer Kat Palasi, documented the Lola’s 2010 holiday party .

Brochure: Lila Pilipina’s brochure describes the organization’s history and programs.

Philippino Comfort Women

Update: During the April 9, 2012 Day of Valor celebration in Manila, the National Youth Commission urged Filipino youngsters to honor the courage of the Lolas.

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