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Swaziland has the highest incidence of AIDS in the world.

Siphiwe Hlophe, who supports four grandchildren, was the first HIV positive woman in the country to acknowledge her status publically.

She co-founded Swaziland for Positive Living (SWAPOL), which reduces the social stigma associated with the virus, helps HIV positive women live with the illness, and expands rural women’s agricultural knowledge so they can support their families.

The organization is a grantee of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Thousands of SWAPOL members are care-giving grandmothers who run seedling nurseries, community gardens and peanut butter businesses.

They describe their experiences and lives in GRANDMOTHER POWER.

News About Grandmothers in Swaziland

Updates about the grandmother groups in Grandmother Power

Multi Media:

Video: Siphiwe Hlophe’s expertise in agriculture has helped HIV positive grandmothers raise food for the orphaned grandchildren they are caring for.

Video: The 2010 Grandmother Gathering in Swaziland was the first time grandmothers from across the continent had convened. 



In The News:

SWAPOL website: SWAPOL’s website gives an overview of the NGO’s important work.

Recent News: SWAPOL Wins Major Award for HIV-AIDS Work.

Behind the Scenes: This is a sampling of Paola’s pictures that are not in the book, showing husbands and grandchildren, interpreters, scenery and people who caught her attention while she was interviewing and photographing grandmothers for the book.


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